Our Vision

Two mathematicians in the University of Lisbon physics department discovered vibrational sound synchronization.

They demonstrated that a room filled with grandfather clocks, wound at different times and with pendulums oscillating out of rhythm, begin to move in unison.


The pendulums synchronize and tick as one. They realized that energy is transferred through sound pulse and the vibration unifies.

That experiment led to the discovery, that when people sing or chant together their energy unites and becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Their hearts beat in unison. The performers and musicians who create an opening number, a scene, and a play -- share a heartbeat.


When the story is good and true and the music and performances merge, that energy washes over the audience. And a theater pulses with a single heartbeat.

Most people associate Rwanda with the 1994 genocide. Few know that Rwanda has redefined itself. It is a global leader in economic growth, poverty eradication and gender equity.

Rwanda took a wounded nation and lifted it up to rebuild and reunite by swallowing their hate, and opening their hearts to forgiveness.

Our vision for Where God Sleeps is to remind the world about what is best in human nature.  We hope the vision spreads as Rwanda teaches us all the power of forgiveness.

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Where God Sleeps